On Sept 9, 1850 California became a free and independent state. The California General
Jural Assembly is forming in order to reestablish original jurisdiction to enable us to stay free. Join us!

California General Jural

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Welcome! We are the People of California exercising our right to assemble under Article I of the Bill of Rights. Our goal is to return to original jurisdiction. You are invited. The purpose of forming an Assembly is to protect the life, liberty, and happiness of the California people from any government or corporation. Requirements to participate in an assembly:
  • Common Sense
  • Willing to Participate in Assembly
  • Willing to Serve Your Local Community
  • Any Title of Nobility is forbidden

What has happened so far?

Congress enacted the Act of 1871, which President Ulysses S. Grant signed into law. This Act created the corporate UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (all capital letters) with which to govern Washington DC. This new corporate entity then enticed the states to likewise incorporate. Michigan, a Free and Independent state, as an example, became the corporate State of Michigan. Next, they took steps to turn the sovereign people of the states into citizens of this imposter government. Having done so, our nation ceased to be a Biblical Constitutional Republic. Since then, elected officials have been serving their international employers rather than the people who elected them. We the People, however, are of the understanding and belief that we live in and are being governed by the united States Republic. This is demonstrated by the Pledge of Allegiance that is regularly recited as follows: "We pledge allegiance to the flag of the united States of America and to the Republic for which it stands . . .” [Emphasis added] We do not pledge allegiance to the “corporation for which it stands”, but rather to the Republic. The fact of the matter is that we did not expatriate ourselves from the Republic in order to join the corporate, de facto government. Rather, the corporation has been using unlawful tactics to draw “We The People” under their control. The tactics are centered on the use of Marriage Licenses, Birth Certificates, Drivers Licenses, Bank Accounts, and Social Security as a result of the 14thAmendment. All contain adhesion contracts. Having acquired any or all of these adhesions we unknowingly give the government authority over us. For example, marriage licenses make the government a third party to marriages and give it ownership of the children produced by the unions. They also make users liable for the Income Tax that otherwise would pertain to only the people of Washington DC. Then, furthermore, they give the states the right to demand licenses to travel and operate businesses. All of these things have served to systematically deprive We the people of our natural rights and subject us to power- mongering governmental authorities. Again, “We The People” did not leave nor did we ever attempt to leave or expatriate ourselves from the Constitutional Republic. To our surprise and dismay we find that it was hijacked from us by elected officials who converted it to a corporation owned by foreigners. Now that we are aware of the truth, it is our right and our duty to restore our land to its lawful status. To do this we do not have to resort to revolution, riot, or military coup. Instead, the strategy is to accomplish the objective by relying exclusively on the truth and the pen. Assuming Power Again, America was restored not by revolution, riot, or military coup, but rather by conveying the truth to the people via word of mouth and the pen. We are not enemies of the corporate government and we are taking no actions to bring it down. In fact, we understand the difficulties it faces and pray for the Lord to bless all who hold office. However, like everyone else, we see that the corporate government is all but officially bankrupt and insolvent. As such, it is losing influence throughout the world as well as the confidence of its citizens. With the other countries no longer wanting to acquire more of its debt, the corporate government is increasingly becoming incapable of meeting its financial obligations. When that happens, the dollar will rapidly drop in value and we are seeing this with China, Russia and other countries dropping the dollar. With our government prepared and in place, we will be there to assist in the transition, not only will chaos throughout the country will be averted, and a period of renewed prosperity will begin almost instantly. The only thing that can stop “We The People” from fully re-inhabiting our constitutional republic is the lack of courage and conviction to take back what is rightfully ours. Are you ready to stand for yourself and your family? Copyright © 2018 - 2023 National Assembly. All Rights Reserved.

In the rebirth of our country under the second paragraph of the Declaration of Independence 1776, our original constitutional jurisdiction government there will be:

* Real money backed by silver and/or gold
* No IRS
* No property tax
* Travel without hindrance
* No marriage licenses
* No business or professional licenses

Why an Assembly?


County and state assemblies have always existed since our Republic was formed. Since we the people have not maintained our assemblies the military went forth and hired the DC Corporation for adminstration. Biden is an administrator of: The DC Corporation. We the people are rebuilding our assemblies in the states. We are rebuilding our assemblies and reclaiming our power. The military checks in with us to note our progress. Join us! We do not charge "fees" and we are not associated with other assemblies who want you to sign papers giving up your citizenship. Once we have our assemblies formed, then we have our grand juries. Our grand juries are the 4th branch of government...read what Justice Scalia wrote about grand juries:



With the guidance of our Republic's founding documents such as the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the California Constitution, assemblies will again empower California's people just as they once did, and as the founders of the Republic intended.

Call to Action

1. Complete the Contact Form We will contact you.

2. In the meantime consider taking the class (for free) on the Constitution offered by Hillsdale college. Constitution 101M

3. Learn about Legal and Lawful: Legal vs Lawful

4. Now go back to number 1. We look forward to welcoming you into the California General Jural Assembly!


The people have not been taught how to use our power over government. It is not taught in schools. Sean, an inhabitant of Riverside teaches us the simple and free steps needed to reclaim the peoples' power over our government:

What has the Michigan Dejure Assembly done?

Michigan Settled as a de jure state interim in 2013 and recognized by seven foreign countries. Issued 21 Requisitions to Joint Chiefs, Judge Advocate General, and the Pentagon 12-2011 resulting in putting Trump into Presidency, Spaceforce, and much more. Stopped Obama from going into Syria with boots on the ground September 10th 2013. Voiding the Act of 1871 causing the Queen to lose her power and walking behind Trump and Trump inspecting the Queen's military. Act of 1871 voided rendering D.C. as a dead foreign Crown owned Vatican run city state and our country defaulted to military control.

What has the Alaska Dejure Assembly done?

† The Alaska General Jural Assembly wrote to the Services Contract Administrator Michael Dunleavy orders that he MUST follow. One of them being to cease taking orders from Washington D.C. as they are de facto and fraudulent.
State of Alaska based on orders of DeJure Alaska Assembly stands up to Biden Administration re: Oil (March 24, 2023)

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